The Olympics Engineer


Hold on…the United States Olympic Committee has its very own biomedical engineer. Is this news to anyone else? Just me?? His name is Mounir Zok, he holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Bologna, and he has been doing this since 2012.

According to LinkedIn, Zok joined the USOC as a “Senior Sports Technologist” responsible for forming key tech partnerships, designing innovative devices, overseeing production, and dealing with stakeholders. His title changed to “Director of Technology and Innovation” in 2016, a promotion accompanied by a laundry list of duties on the business end, it seems.

On second thought, of course we have a guy for this. Technology has been incorporated into sports from its inception, and when dealing with the leading coalition of international sporting events, it would be ludicrous to leave this window of opportunity to chance. But still…mind blown.

The U.S. women’s cycling team trained with glasses that project performance data directly onto the lenses. This was arguably paramount to them bringing home silver in the 2016 Summer Games, and this was brought to them by Mounir Zok. Bikers, imagine being able to literally see your speed, cadence, heart rate, and more at any point while riding. Interestingly enough, Solos is shaping up to be a consumer electronic – just about anyone can reserve a pair. I’m not really sure what happens once said reservation is placed…If anyone happens to pursue this, you’ll have to let me know!


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