The Bioengineering Blog is a non-scholarly source of insights and advances in the field. All facts are backed by scientific publications and subject matter experts. All opinions are my own.

Hi, I’m Pranita.

I started this thing to practice researching and writing about complex topics for broad audiences; I resolved to elucidate bioengineering in a personable and unassuming way, and that will never change.

It has become a way to spread passion and awareness of said topics, to share my journey as a recent grad entering the workforce, and to encourage young minds to enter a major that sometimes gets a bad rap (alongside other engineering majors, that is).


I hold a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering from the University of Delaware and a master’s degree in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Academic interests include orthopedic biomechanics and engineering entrepreneurship. Hobbies include listening to underrated covers of overrated songs and decreasing my 10 minute mile. 



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