A low-cost auto-transfusion device by Sisu Global

Abell Foundation invests in Baltimore medical device maker
Image provided by Chiaki Kawajiri via Baltimore Sun

Hemafuse is a handheld, hand-operated device. It suctions blood from body cavities and filters said blood for re-transfusion in patients that are hemorrhaging (i.e. bleeding profusely). “Company leaders saw a need for such devices in hospitals, rural areas and conflict zones, where standard equipment is too expensive or unusable. It will begin sales in Africa,” the Baltimore Sun reports. Supposedly, soup ladles are the best available option in many situations. That’s right – soup ladles. A team of clinicians will spend ~30 min scooping out pooled blood from a body cavity using…soup ladles.



Entrepreneur Jason Kelly Loves GMOs


He says it here. And here.

Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Ginkgo Bioworks, shows unwavering support for an arena that often garners negative attention.

What are GMOs again?

An organism can be programmed to do something it wouldn’t normally do. This can be peculiar – for example, a mouse that fluoresces flamingly in the dark. But more often, we do this for practicality. For non-browning apples. For tomatoes that seem to stay fresh indefinitely.

It involves “borrowing” a desired trait from one organism and introducing said trait into another via transfer of DNA. GMOs refer to the genetically modified organisms themselves (i.e. plants, animals, micro-organisms). They take on forms and functions that would not exist in nature otherwise.

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